How to fire a volunteer

How to fire a volunteer

how-toOne of the things I like about volunteer groups is the level of discussion – it’s not “What should the table centerpieces for our volunteer thank you luncheon be?” or “How do you recruit volunteers” but, rather, “How are we going to respond to this new government policy/practice” or “What are your success stories re: working with online volunteers.” I so appreciate that!

With that in mind… I saw this question on an online discussion group that shall remain nameless, and wanted to pass it on. I’m wondering not only how you would answer, but also, what this question might say about how many people view volunteers and the role of managers of volunteers.

Here is the question:

I have a really super awkward situation where I need to “fire” a volunteer – I’ve tried everything, such as finding non-people related tasks (work on this at home! You Don’t have to come in!!) and even referring to other agencies (sorry fellow nonprofits!) but the volunteer keeps coming back, wanting to work with us. I feel bad, because I realize that this person is really passionate about our work, but internally, is referred to as the Rain Cloud (RC) – we are just too small of a staff working long hard hours with very high needs clients to extend that to a volunteer.

HELP! Has anyone had to do this? Ideally I’d still like RC to champion our work and leave feeling ok – 5 years here and this is definitely a first! Tips, suggestions and/or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated!

————- end of question ———–

Again – I’m wondering not only how you would answer, but even more, I’d love to hear what you think when you read this question about how so many people view volunteers and the role of volunteer managers.

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