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Olympic Volunteering

Olympic Volunteering

Dear All

We have been working over the last year to establish an ‘Olympics-inspired’ volunteering blog-site that we were to use to showcase opportunities that, whilst maybe without the official tag, were inspired by the principles and values of the Olympics.

This work has been a slow grind. In particular we’ve struggled to source opportunities from local organizations and clubs that meet this criteria. Without any distinct resourcing to develop this further we’ve hit a bit of a brick wall.

However the biggest wall was reading the VE release recently with regards to the use of the Olympics logo, name, related-words, etc. In the end, we took the option to de-publish our site in response to this email.

I really thought that the Olympic spirit was about getting on board, doing something, engagement, etc. And yet, the red tape has been enough to put us off!

Are other people coming up against this / made a similar decision?

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