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Month: February 2017

Discount schemes for volunteers

Discount schemes for volunteers

I know someone asked about this a while ago, but I’m trying to find out more about the type of discounts that are currently offered to volunteers by the organisation they volunteer with and how easy this/or complex it is to administer.


A lot of museums offer volunteers a discount in their cafe and shop, and will usually give them free/discounted entry to events and exhibitions. Entry into events and exhibitions could be seen as part of the volunteer’s ongoing training, but cafe and shop discounts are obviously a bit harder to justify, and could be seen as a consideration.

The general feeling though is that the benefits of giving the discount outweigh the risks. Volunteers really appreciate it, and actually I suspect it makes them more likely to buy cards and presents from the museum shop, and probably ends up making museums more money in the long run. Usually volunteers will have some kind of ID card, and will just present it to get their discount.

Sorry, this may be too late for the original enquiry but two places outside the home organisation that have been known to give discounts to volunteers are Fired Earth and for conservation volunteers there’s Hi-Tech.…