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Month: December 2016

Non attendance

Non attendance


Does anyone have a template for a letter I could send to volunteers who have been absent for a long period of time? We cannot keep their details on our database any longer so I would like to inform them that despite repeated attempts to contact them, they have not responded and thus will be removed from the volunteer database.

I’m hoping it will serve as a reminder to some of them to get them to come back!


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How to fire a volunteer

How to fire a volunteer

how-toOne of the things I like about volunteer groups is the level of discussion – it’s not “What should the table centerpieces for our volunteer thank you luncheon be?” or “How do you recruit volunteers” but, rather, “How are we going to respond to this new government policy/practice” or “What are your success stories re: working with online volunteers.” I so appreciate that!

With that in mind… I saw this question on an online discussion group that shall remain nameless, and wanted to pass it on. I’m wondering not only how you would answer, but also, what this question might say about how many people view volunteers and the role of managers of volunteers.

Here is the question:

I have a really super awkward situation where I need to “fire” a volunteer – I’ve tried everything, such as finding non-people related tasks (work on this at home! You Don’t have to come in!!) and even referring to other agencies (sorry fellow nonprofits!) but the volunteer keeps coming back, wanting to work with us. I feel bad, because I realize that this person is really passionate about our work, but internally, is referred to as the Rain Cloud (RC) – we are just too small of a staff working long hard hours with very high needs clients to extend that to a volunteer.…

I was gobsmacked when I read that role description

I was gobsmacked when I read that role description

I was gobsmacked when I read that role description.

And that’s for an ASSISTANT Volunteer Coordinator, which suggests there is actually a Volunteer Coordinator post already in existence. It would be interesting to see THAT job description.

There is always the possibility that the volunteer would be supporting these activities rather than taking charge of them all, but that is certainly not what the advert suggests.

While I believe that many volunteers are capable of carrying out these sort of roles, I totally agree with Kate that it would be more appropriate to break the role down into several volunteering opportunities alone.

To be honest I think it may even be too much for someone in a paid position. Supervising a Mentoring Programme for 40 people alone sounds like a full-time job.

Just wanted to back up the ‘call to action’ to feed in to AVM and perhaps more importantly to let others in the field know about AVM, UKVPMs and i-volunteer, just as three (but by no means all) key resources and voice pieces we have to help raise the profile of the profession.…